Monday, May 2, 2016

Baby Powder

I know what you are thinking… We are not supposed to use baby powder! It’s true that in light of recent headlines, most of us are reluctant to use baby powder as adults, let alone expose our kids to it. You’d be hard pressed to find a pediatrician recommend commercial baby powder for babies anymore too. That’s because of talc. Talc or talcum powder has taken over the baby powder aisle. It has a silicon component and it is often not recommended for use around babies because of the likelihood of inhalation.

I don’t know a lot of other moms who use baby powder, but I’m a big advocate! With one caveat. I don't use talc! When my daughter was a baby, I found a number of recommendations supporting the use of cornstarch for diapering. Applying cornstarch, after using wet wipes, helps to ensure the area is completely dry before applying any creams (check out my recipe for Head-to-Toe Baby Salve!) or covering up with a diaper. You don't want any moisture trapped against the skin and creams and diapers can do this, and the creams certainly can. That is their job! They are moisture barriers! I had to look very carefully at the baby powders on the shelf to find the cornstarch one, but there is one. ONE per brand, if that!  I found it so much easier to use, just sprinkle a little on at each change, I nearly quit using creams altogether! The goal here it to keep the skin clean, dry, and healthy!

Fast forward a couple of years to baby number 2. I’ve started making a lot of products myself and thought this would be an easy one to undertake. And I was right! Now, if you are concerned about the likelihood of GMOs in cornstarch, arrowroot powder is a nice substitute (and another great argument to make it yourself!) I use it at every diaper change and my little guy has had a pretty healthy little booty ;-)

I like to add essential oils to my baby powder, but that is optional. I specifically recommend Young Living essential oils, especially for use with children, for their top quality and purity. You can learn more about getting started with Young Living HERE. For children, the smaller they are the more dilute you want the oil to be. They are very powerful! You also want to start with gentle oils that are great for skin care, like lavender, frankincense, or Gentle BabyTM blend.

So let’s get started…
I use a glass salt shaker from my local superstore. It holds about ¼ cup, or 2 ounces. For my 1 ½ year old son, I use about 1-2 drops of lavender per tablespoon of powder in this recipe. If you are just introducing your little one to oils, or your child is smaller, you can start with even less.  I like to layer in the oil with the powder, filling my jar with a ¼ teaspoon (it fits nicely inside the jar and helps make less of a mess!) A funnel would help too. I fill about a quarter of the way with your powder of choice, then add a drop of oil, then up to about half way, then another drop, and so on. Once the bottle is nearly full, I cover with a piece of masking tape, or just my hand, and give it a shake to spread the oil around. 

Finally, I add my secret weapon! I learned this trick on a cooking show. It’s popcorn kernels! I toss several in on top and they work to break up clumps and help shake the powder out. They are also too big to clog up the tiny shaker holes on the top.

So, there ya have it. Simple, safe, DIY baby powder!

PS, this is nice for adults too!
I use it after the shower on my upper thighs for the same reason I use it on my baby!
Use it in your hair roots to help matte any oily-ness in between washes. Add a little cocoa powder if you are a brunette, and a make-up brush for precise application! Tea Tree oil makes a nice addition for scalp applications.
It will also help knock off sand from your feet after the beach, no essential oil required!

See, there really is a place in your life for baby powder!