Monday, April 25, 2016

Head-to-Toe Baby Salve

My children inspired me to pursue a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, and alternatives to everyday household products.  At their very young ages, I, as a parent, am so limited in what I can do to take care of them.  I hated hearing that there was really nothing I could do for them for so many things. When I had success with essential oils for myself, I branched out and started using them with my kids.

Now, I will stress that I absolutely trust that I am getting a clean, pure, therapeutic grade essential oil from Young Living, which is the only brand I use on my children. You can learn more about getting started with YL HERE! I will also point out that a parent’s discretion and judgement is critical. If you are going to use essential oils on your children, please use only the best quality, and keep them well diluted for their sensitive skin.  Begin with the gentlest oils, like lavender or frankincense and follow labeling instructions (label dilution guidelines are a minimum.) Never use oils in or around a baby’s eyes, and I recommend avoiding hands as well, since they so often go right in the mouth. My recipes are intended to support a healthy child. If you suspect your child is sick, please seek the help of a medical professional!

Now, finally, for my favorite, most useful, most versatile baby recipe: head-to-toe salve. Get your pen ready…

1 tbsp coconut oil
1 drop lavender

That’s it. Give it a stir and store in a glass jar. DONE.  Seriously!  I used this on my son, from about 3 months, literally, from head to toe.

Rub it on his head before a bath for a healthy scalp (give it about 10 minutes before washing out.)
Rub it all over for a soothing, moisturizing lotion (it is the best baby “lotion” I’ve ever used!)
Rub it on his little booty at diaper changes.
Rub it on tiny feet for restful sleep.
Rub it on tummies after eating (use a circular, clockwise motion around the navel to promote things moving things through the bowels).
Rub it on the jaw for teething discomfort.

If you’re the abundantly cautious type, notice skin irritation or discomfort (extremely unlikely, but possible!), have a preemie, or a baby with very sensitive skin, just add more coconut oil, making it 1 drop to 2 tablespoons or even 1 drop in ¼ cup. If your child is a little bigger, getting into the toddler range, 1 drop per teaspoon or so, will probably suit them better.

All that’s left to do is snuggle and sniff that sweet smelling head!

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