Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Getting Inspired to Do It Yourself

I've been doing some things myself around my house for a while now and my creativity has always come from a problem solving place. We needed curtains and throw pillows and art for the walls, and those things are expensive, so I did it myself! I'm a problem solver by nature. I was good at math and science, but I do have an artistic bent. So whatever your strengths, whatever your personality, there are DIY solutions out there for you! Blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube are all full of recipes of varying difficulty and varying topics. I'm here to try to help you find the easiest solutions. Trust me, I'm a busy mom of 2 small kids. If it weren't easy and economical, and if I didn't find homemade products that were at least comparable, if not better than what I was buying, I would not have stuck with it. But I've found success in all of those areas. I'm here to share with you what I have found that works for me and my family.

I like to compare DIY's to cooking. Once you understand the lingo, learn how to read a recipe, familiarize yourself with common ingredients, and keep your favorite ones on hand, it's smooth sailing! DIYing, also like cooking, in that it puts you in control. That's really the best part. You control the quality and selection of ingredients! Eliminate the junk that is not good for you, and only use the best!

Getting started with homemade everyday products, for me, began with my first exposure to essential oils. I have an old friend who is a DIY and essential oil pro! She's been doing it for years and I saw on my Facebook feed she was attending an "Essential Oils 101" event online. I'd been curious about essential oils. I had no idea what they were or where to get them. I really knew nothing! So I jumped in the class. This was right around the time that my second child was just getting big enough for me to start to think about something besides all baby all the time (he was about 3 months old), and I was ready for something for myself. I needed something to be interested in, something to learn about, something just for me. I was fascinated by what I learned! I learned what essential oils are, why quality matters, what the most popular ones are, and some simple ways to use them. My wheels were spinning. I was immediately thinking of all the things I could do, and all the people in my life who would love them too! I ordered my Premium Starter Kit (learn more about that here) and hit the ground running. My team, Young Living, and those resources I mentioned above have all been vital in educating me. They've helped me to learn how to put basic recipes together, but also taught me about the ingredients and how to customize recipes for me and my family to meet our specific needs. My friends, I have learned how to fish! And I can teach you too!

So, this blog will feature both recipes and education about ingredients. Most of my recipes will have 2 parts: the basic components that are required to make it work, and the customizable part to make it work for you!  Because that's really the point! What works for me may not be what's best for you. I want you to succeed, and I know you can do it! I highly recommend investing in a third party reference guide for YLEOs. This will help educate you on the full scope of use for all of Young Living's oils, both singles and blends. You can use it to look up your personal needs and see which oils may be a good choice for you. There are several companies that all publish "pocket" reference guides, and some that even have apps for your phone: Abundant Health, KRE, and Life Science Publishing all offer good choices for a reasonable price.

This video has a run down of Essential Oils, similar to the class I got started with! Check it Out!

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