Diving In To the Premium Starter Kit--Everything Else!

Consider this Part 2. It covers all of the other great things that come in your kit!

Your choice of diffuser will be the biggest single part of your kit. There are 5 to choose from ranging in price and features.

  1. Home (pictured below) is a humidifier, atomizer, and oil diffuser in 1. It has the capacity to run for about 3-4 hours continuously, or longer with the intermittent setting. It has an LED light and the ability to turn it off. Purified water is recommended.
  2. Dew Drop is also a humidifier, atomizer, and oil diffuser. It also has a 3-4 hour capacity, but only runs continuously. It has an LED light that can turn off. Tap water is ok.
  3. Bamboo has the capacity to run for up to 4 hours, and a timer to set for 1 or 4 hours. It also has an LED light that you can turn off, and covers over 300 sq ft.
  4. Rainstone is the first step up that deviates from the basic design. It's black and oval, and made from a Chinese purple clay making it look kind of like a rock! It is also the biggest jump in price and features to match. It has a remote (how cool?!), 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings, and 5 LED light settings (4 colors, plus 1 rotating cycle).
  5. Aria is another jump in design and price to match. It has a beautiful modern design with a glass orb resting in a maple bowl and includes a remote. It has multicolored LED lights and a built in sound machine.

The first bonus that comes with your kit is a 5 mL bottle of the ever-popular Stress Away oil blend of copaiba, lime, cedarwood, vanilla, ocotea, and lavender. It smells amazing and does what it says! Topically or aromatically, it is designed to help manage everyday stress.

The next surprise in the Starter Kit is an AromaGlide roller filament with a stainless steel roller ball to easily make a roll-on of your choice of oils for hands-free, topical application (think Stress Away, perhaps!)

Next, there are 2 2 oz pouches of the super drink NingXia Red. Just 1-2 ounces of this powerful drink is all you need as a general wellness support supplement or for a little energy boost.* Drink it all on its own, or add it to a smoothie. It's delicious served chilled, or even frozen into a slushy pop. Add your favorite Vitality oil for a a new flavor compliment. It's made from wolfberries, fruit juices, and essential oils, and full of antioxidants.

Young Living is so confident in their products, they are sure you'll want to share them with your friends and family and they make it easy for you. Your Starter Kit will include 10 assorted sample packets as well as 10 Love it? Share it! sample business cards and small empty vials to fill with whatever you like.

Finally, your Starter Kit will include some education. You will have a product guide and price list, an issue of Essential Oil Magazine, Essential Edge, and Member Resources.

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