Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back to School Jitters

I feel like I've said this every year since I can remember..."It's back to school time already?!" It doesn't help that it creeps earlier and earlier each year! But that's beside the point. The point is, it is, in fact, upon us once again!

This year is a big year at our house. My firstborn is off to Kindergarten and my little one is starting preschool! I've already started to strategize schedules in an attempt to give each child the attention they deserve, while mentally preparing for the nightmare adjustment phase. My 5-year-old still naps pretty reliably. She is apparently unique, and will now be at school from 8:20-2:50! At home my son goes for a nap by 2 and is in bed at least 2 hours, sometimes 3! (yes, and thank you essential oils for keeping the sleep train cranking!) His naptime at preschool: 12-2.

 This schedule change is just the tip of the newness iceberg! Any school is new to my little guy. He has a full-time stay-at-home mama he's very attached to! Of course, I left him with babysitters, and he's always done great, but I'm fully expecting a bit of separation anxiety on both ends.

As for my little Kindergartener... I remember her first day of preschool so well. She was in a phase where she only wore pajamas. Like, 1 outfit from 1 bath to the next. She also brought her best buddy, a classic Tigger, everywhere! We were so concerned about her attachment to it we bought, and actually still have, a backup Tigger stashed in my closet.  But, no buddies allowed at school. The first day went ok. It was the second week of school that she got nervous. She knew what "going to school" meant and she told me her tummy hurt on the way to school.

Her new school is a big school--K-8 in fact. 1500 students! It's terrifying to drop off your little 5-year-old at such an intimidating labyrinth! We went for the tour this week and took turns peeking in classroom windows. Parents are allowed to walk them in on the first day, but then, it's on them. All by their little selves, finding their way through the (only 2) halls to their respective classrooms (of 9!). I'm getting anxious just thinking about it!

Bottom line is, I want ALL of us to be prepared! How do we do that?  What could you possibly do to calm nerves in little kids?  In part by planning and preparation, like our tour this week. But also, lining up my favorite oils for calm and confidence! With that in mind, I've made us a few roll-ons, cause you never know which blend is going to be best for which kid!

I love roll-ons, especially for my kids. Even my 2-year-old can apply oils himself with these, and loves to do so! For the kids, I use 5-10 drops of the oil of my choice in a recycled 5mL bottle, and top with V6 carrier oil, or other liquid carrier oil. I love the YL roller tops, since they are stainless, and help me reuse old empty bottles!  Here are my favorite calm-and-confident combos, featuring some of my favorite gentle, kid-friendly oils:

Roll-on #1: Frankincense and Lavender. This is a powerhouse pair! Frankincense is well known as a grounding oil, promoting comfort. Lavender is soothing and calming. Simple, easy, and reliable.

Roll-on #2: Valor (or Valor II) helps promote courage and self-esteem, and overcoming fear. It is a blend that includes Frankincense, among other things, to support feelings of self-control, peace, and balance. Just like the name says, right?!

Roll-on #3: Peace and Calming + Joy is a fulltime staple in my house. I always have this combo roller in my bag for my kids and myself.  I think the names of these blends give you a lot of insight in to them. P&C, as you could infer, is designed to promote feelings of peace and calm, of course! It has bright citrus oils and balancing florals and helps to ease stress and tension. Joy has some citrus and florals as well, which is one reason I like to pair them and find them complimentary. These blends are both full of positivity: Jasmine promotes confidence, rosewood promotes gentleness, ylang-ylang restores feelings of self-love, and rose helps brings balance.

Roll-on #4: Stress Away + Frankincense. Stress Away is, yet again, a blend whose primary purpose is built in to the name. It has copaiba and cedarwood, which are both excellent to combat nervous tension, calming lavender, and bright, uplifting lime and vanilla, so it smells amazing! I love adding the grounding frankincense to it for those added feelings of comfort and security.

For application, you have a few choices: the soles of the feet are an easy one for a kid to do himself. Add socks and shoes, and you're good to go. What if you forget? Or the mood changes en route? Simple! Target any pulse points and concentration of blood flow. The neck and wrists/forearms are perfect. Otherwise, if the child feels they need it somewhere else, it's hard to go wrong. I mentioned that my daughter said her tummy hurt on the way to her second week of school. It took a few questions to figure out she was feeling nervous and was too young to identify that. I put oil on her wrists, but also a little on the tummy for good measure! Listen to your intuition, and your kids!

I will note here that I use Young Living essential oils exclusively on my children. Their quality and purity guarantee gives me such peace of mind that I am not using any contaminated junk on my babies! Plus, they have the biggest selection of oils and blends, including exclusives like copaiba, giving us a one-of-a-kind Stress Away. Learn more about getting these awesome oils 24% (or more!) off!

Here's to a happy and healthy school year!