Friday, May 13, 2016

Infused Water

Warm weather us upon us! At least, I hope it is warm where you live by now! Vitality essential oils are a great way to give you water a boost. You can create all kinds of interesting flavor combinations while letting top notch essential oils work their magic on your body, keeping it happy and healthy all summer long! I like to use a combination of essential oils and fruits. This is a healthy way to have something interesting and refreshing to drink! Essential oils are super concentrated, relative to their source material. 1-2 drops in a tall glass is plenty to get the taste and benefits in a more convenient way. They can be used to support the health of over system in the body and support overall wellness. The shelf life is way better too!

Please remember that not all essential oils are safe for internal use! Please follow labeling instructions and DO NOT ingest oils that don't say it's ok! Young Living makes it easy with their line of Vitality oils! These are their same great essential oils, labeled for internal use. You can learn more about them here!

Check out my video with a couple of recipes I like, and a few tips for creating delicious infused water with essential oils!

Here are some of my other favorite flavor combos!