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We all have turning points in our life. Some are momentous and obvious. Others are slow and subtle. Sometimes you just realize you want or need to make a change. Making your own everyday household products starts here. The reasons are as varied as we are! Some do it to reduce all the chemicals around their home, for their kids or for themselves; some just do it for their wallets! Whatever your reason, I welcome you and commend you on making such a healthy lifestyle choice! Commercial products these days are often full of unnecessary and sometimes outright harmful ingredients. Take control! You can do better!  

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. Their Seed to Seal Guarantee promises you the best quality and purity, every step of the way. Their unique oversight and transparency means you can be sure you are getting the best possible essential oil on the market. Think of essential oils as a symphony, where each component not only has to be present, but working just right! Young Living uses no chemicals in their farming, ensuring against contamination and damage to those compounds. Seeds are hand selected and weeds pulled by hand.  It's farming done the good old fashioned way! They also use a revolutionary distillation process designed to carefully preserve the harmonious collection of compounds unique to each essential oil. Finally, each batch is rigorously tested to meet their high, above organic standards. At the end of all that, what you have is a truly 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.   

Now, since the theme of this blog is EASY, Young Living is a great place to start! They have made it...easy! They offer an excellent starter kit with their most popular and most versatile products as an introduction to an oily lifestyle. And it is a bargain, starting at just $160, with a value of over $300! 

The Premium Starter Kit includes:
  • 10 5mL bottles of YL's most popular essential oils and blends (Learn more about them HERE)
  • A diffuser (your choice from 5)
  • A bonus 5mL bottle of the ever popular Stress Away
  • 1 AromaGlide roller filament for easy, topical application
  • 2 pouches of the super drink NingXia Red, 2oz each
  • 10 Love It? Share It! assorted sample oil packets, empty oil vials, and cards to share your oils with family and friends
      (Learn more about all of those HERE)
  • Educational literature, including Product Guide and an issue of Essential Oils Magazine, offering you resources and recipes
  • Wholesale membership, giving you 24% off retail price on most products
  • Opportunity to turn your new love of oils into a paycheck!
Feeling a little intimidated by moving to a DIY lifestyle? 
Retail customer is always an option. You can buy whatever products you want, whenever you want, just paying full retail price. (Wholesale members can also buy whatever you want whenever you want, you simply buy the Premium Starter Kit first!) Whichever path you choose, you will have my sponsorship and the support of my team educating you and directing you to resources to facilitate incorporating oils into your everyday life. You will have access to our team's exclusive Facebook group and blog as resources for new ideas and recipes, and as a forum for questions. We are here for you and excited to help you!

Still not sure DIY is for you? Start slow with the DIYs and supplement your new healthy lifestyle with Young Living's great selection of pre-made, plant based, oil infused products for health and beauty, cleaning, or dietary supplement (at 24% off, as a wholesale member!)

Interested in getting your oils paid for? Wholesale membership automatically makes you eligible to be an independent distributor. You can earn referral bonuses and commissions for purchases made thanks to you!

Whatever your goals, whatever your pace, I am here for you, to coach you along. Want to focus on one area? Maybe cleaning or beauty? Great! Slow and steady works for some people. Are you more the jump in with both feet type? That works too! More than anything I want you to succeed. I want you to be confident taking control of your health and the health of your household. 

Ready to join the team? Get started HERE with me, distributor number 2600078, or contact me with questions.

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