Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Steam Tent with Essential Oils

Have you ever tried a steam tent? Have you ever heard of a steam tent? Well, it's a very easy technique using steam to carry essential oils. It can be a great tool to support your respiratory system or your skin. The steam itself opens everything up, pores, sinuses, ect, then, a cleansing or detoxifying essential oil can go to work! My favorite essential oil for tenting is Melrose (a proprietary blend from Young Living with 2 varieties of melaleuca, including tea tree, and rosemary), but there are lots of great choices! Watch my brief demo showing you exactly how it's done!

Remember, as a word of caution, to remove contact lenses! Essential oils and contacts don't get along well :) Also, for best results for your skin, remove make up first.

Want to get your hands on those pure, clean, top quality essential oils? I only use the best, including those exclusive blends, and you can too here!

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