Monday, June 20, 2016

8 Essential Oils for On-The-Go Everyday!

I love my essential oils so much, and they are such a part of my everyday life, that I like to keep them with me always! They are my go-to for so many things for myself and my family, so it only makes sense, right?

I recently posted about my DIY Vent Clip for diffusing oils in my car. I also recently got a little oil travel bag (from Etsy!) that is now my to-go bag. I keep it stocked with some staples that I can diffuse in the car, or use other ways, as needed, while I'm out of the house. These things make taking and using oils on-the-go really easy!

This is a perfect opportunity to re-use some of your empties! Add 15 drops or so of your go-to oil, or personal blend, to an old bottle to create to your On-The-Go collection. That way, you the weight you are carrying around is minimized. Plus, you can keep your large bottle safe at home, where you will be using more of it anyway. This way, too, if the small stash gets broken, you aren't out an entire bottle of oil, nor will an entire bottle of oil spill all over your bag! Your big bottle is safe and sound, with most of your oil in it!

Check out my video for the 8 essential oils I choose to keep with us all the time, as well as my bonus bottle #9! I'll challenge you to keep track of how many of my staples are available in the Premium Starter Kit, which you can study for HERE aaaannd HERE.

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